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.25/11/93 ;Going 15
.Jwps ; Peps ; Commonwealth sec ; 3/3'08
.NPCC ; Sec1 NCO
.MSN ; jingz_35pro@hotmail.com






.Pimples removed,Hairstyle
.Field soccer boots,Pouch
.Unlimited Music&Movies



Wah dis is friggin dying.
Wont post for a while.
Revival a while l8r.
Perhaps after mid yr.

Running Out of Time;
7:08 PM

I guess might nt update dat often lehh. mayb once or twice a wk.
Lazy & yawnns. zzz.

Assembly was friggin cool.
Dehh acapella group was preety awesome.
But dehh beatboxer simply stole deh entire show.
he was so friggin cool i dunchno wat to say.
1 assembly which i actually did not slp.

2nd promotion test! -.- Actually promoted leh lorh..
Uniform inspection, i could haf flunked dis test there larh.
Shirt,pants boots all kena penalised by sir huat soon zzz.
Denn MOI, dis time w/o rifle.
I was picked into maam suriyani's squad.
So she tester la, 0kay larh felt i did ok..
& kudos to deh rest as well. Could see all of us tried.
Den muster parade was so zzz i almost slept standing -.-

After tution, went far east plaza wif jacky.
To look for 'STAGE' shop. wakakaka.
For those who duno, SHOW LUO'S brand hehe.
Owned by LI TENG.
Damn excited lo, walked arnd quite a no. of shops.
& found 'stage', wooo.
Dehh shop was damn friggin cool larh, its lyk enclosed & damn 'hip' inside.
Denn deh salesgirl veri kawaii too hehe.
But denn dis wk deh stock of caps & vests nt dat attractive.
So'll save up & go find some cool stuff again nx time xD
Here's STAGE! go take a look.
& den we just window shopped lo, cnt rlly find any nice caps.
Partly becuz already got deh mindset to buy stage caps leh haha.
So walked arnd, & denn ate some stuff before going home. preety cool day.

Went bishan temple to pay respects to my uncle & 奶奶.
Usual practice every yr i'ld say.
Denn had an haircut, & went hme.
Whr i spent deh day studying for ct.

Running Out of Time;
7:47 PM

Time to blog (x

Day of inter-unit frisbee comp.
Still pondering whether shld go or nt in morn.
Cuz jus recovered.
Still went in the end..
Met yude, huiying, shermain, bill, jierou& jason at dover.
Den walked to sp, wasted some time finding deh location & waiting for it to begin.
& when it began..
Our scores : 0-3,4-0,4-0,1-2,0-6,12-0.
Woots. 12-0 :P
Didnt win deh tope 3 prizes.
But rlly rlly was a friggin fun morning.
Kudos to all teammates (:

Afternoon suddenly had this urge to attend fahreinheit's autograph session.
& decided to go wif jacky. Walked to IMM, went to dehh 2nd entrance for general fans.
WOAH. Heavily packed larh haha.
Denn waited for quite a while, & dey arrived! By coming dwn frm 4th floor.
Wuzun turned here & waved. Woah damn shuai la lol.
Denn couldnt squeeze in, so we squeezed out & went to 1st entrance, no queue cuz only for ppl wif album. Den i haben't buy. So we waited..
So me & jacky sneaked in, deh guard came back but couldnt stop us.
Cuz another crowd trying to sneak in leh.
LOL. So we found a perfect spot, lyk only 2m from stage? Woo.
& so we could see deh 4 hunks perfectly.
Woah. Dey look as cool as they are on tv larh. wah.
Very worth-it trip hehe. Photos another day (:
go Jacky's blog.

& den played bball, den jacky go hme leh.

Dis 2 days nth much,
so i guess will end dis here leh.

Running Out of Time;
6:32 PM

Today was rlly rlly unwell in class.
Closed my eyes for nearly all lessons, under teacher's approval.
Denn after sch, cabbed home to rest, sry for nt attending cca.
Rlly cnt make it already.

Now doing better leh.
I friggin wish dis illness'ld go away real soon.
Cuz i hate dis feeling.

Got loads to update about, tmr bah.
Very tired alr..

Running Out of Time;
7:28 PM

100th post.
On dis dying blog -.-

Nth much to post actually.
today sick so nbr go school.
Yesterday nite was horrid. I couldn't really slp -.-

Hope can recover by tonight,
Tmr npcc frisbee comp, i wouldn't wana miss it.


Running Out of Time;
1:08 PM

I cnt use com as normal for now, it keeps crashing on me.
& when i doesn't crash, it hangs -.-
So may nt update for some days shld i send it for repair.

I certainly had a wonderful time dis holiday.
Dehh last break for deh yr leh, perhaps.
Now, im all drowned wif undone hw.
But still nt in deh mood to do.
Cme'on, its still a HOLIDAY.

Stay updated for my hol' life.
Will update asap (:

Running Out of Time;
3:35 PM

As promised! x)

Friday dehh 13th, haha.
Got back results, failed 1.
Can see got marked improvement larh, but still nt enoff.
Gotta work harder.
Denn cca, didnt know is promotion test so nbr bring full u.
So helped to take fotos for deh CSSP.
Quite fun larh haha.
Denn looked at sir daniel take sec2 for promotion.
Ping poh, LOL. Dehh way he take squad make me wana rofl.
Kekenan nu nus! LOLL.

Went school early, cuzz going ubin for HRC! (High rope challenge)
So we bused dwn, so boring dat fell asleep.
Denn again took dat boat to ubin.
Go quite some schools larh, but nt rlly alot of ppl.
Did dehh tunnel & dehh 3 storey high rope challenge.
Exciting larh, but completed hehe (x
But denn got lighning alert so cnt do quite alot of stuff. haiz.
Which 'll be friggin fun larh. But nbm had lots of fun.
Denn at night, watched soccer.
Man U 1 Liverpool 4
Woots! shiok larh.
Wakao, jy liverpool!
Lyk best match i've ever watched xD

Morning did nth much lo, just getamped all deh way.
Denn didnt go tution cuz thunderstorm.
Denn at night, went tiong bahru plaza wif mum to watch Marley & Me.
Omg its friggin nice!!! No exaggerating, its rlly friggin friggin friggin nice.
It so touching larh, & kinda humourous too.
Omg i love dat show xD

1st day of holidays, thot will do hw but end up nbr do. haiz.
went visit grandpa in nursing home wif dad at arnd 3, he seems much energetic now (:
But so tired dat fell asleep dere -.-
Denn went IMM a while with dad & mum, den went hme & wasted all deh time away.
I gotta start working hard , rlly.
I lack dehh sense of urgency.
Wednesday onwards, must rlly give it all out leh.
For deh major event 7 months later.
Wish me gd luck.

Running Out of Time;
1:45 PM